Saturday, April 6, 2013

You Say It's Your Birthday!

My sweet sweet boy is now 4. Yay Oliver.

He chose to go to the movies for his "birthday activity." After of course, cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

In reality, Oliver wanted cinnamon rolls for DINNER, but with some gentle prodding, he was convinced to have them for breakfast.

We went and saw the Croods. It was a cute movie, and lots of fun for everyone. The theater is also a restaurant, so we ate lunch during the movie. VERY cool.

Cake and ice cream is a given. Chocolate with BLUE frosting. WEIRD KID.

NEXT, presents. Oh he was beyond excited for presents and thrilled with Finn, his new super doll and a new cloak to traipse through the woods in. Iron Man also made an appearance.

A good birthday.

At four years old, my Oliver is:

Highly opinionated. I'm trying desperately to see the GOOD in that.
A sweet brother.
loves tacos.
loves cinnamon rolls (see above!)
thoroughly loves playing outside.
likes to do "school.
naps most days.
can be incredibly INSANELY naughty.
still is my bug.

Love you darling son of mine. LOVE YOU.


cheekybabyboutique said...

that last pic looks dead on Henry! I swear i have one of him similar...

McEuens said...

I cannot believe he's four! How does this happen so quickly? Sometimes I still think of him as the super-fussy baby who almost convinced you not to have any more kids. But no, he's definitely a big boy now.

Stacy said...

Happy birthday O! We love you!


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