Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why My House is a Mess

Gosh, those dishes sure need to be loaded into the dishwasher.

But wait, everyone is starving. Time to eat!

Miriam is having a ride on my back in the carrier. Perfect!

Okay, time to straighten up.

Oh no, we have no bread, must start the bread instead!

Okay, bread is rising.

Now, maybe clean up a bit?

No. It's time to get dressed/brush teeth/make beds, boys. Go go go!

Get dressed Oliver.

Find a shirt Spencer.

Get your pants on Oliver.

Henry, did you brush your teeth?

Get dressed Spencer.

Get dressed Oliver.

Go use the potty Ezra.

Get dressed Ezra.

Henry stop distracting them.

Get dressed Oliver.

Get dressed Spencer.


Did you brush your teeth?

It is now 9am, time for school. Get to work boys!

Miriam has been crying all morning, NAP TIME.

Hey, maybe while I'm upstairs putting the baby down, I can get dressed.

Nope! Ezra is having a fit. He needs help getting on the potty. It's POOP time people! No time to waste!


More school.

I am still not dressed. The house is still a mess. The dishes are not done.

The bread is finished, the baby is awake, everyone is STARVING.

We eat through the loaf before it is even remotely cool.


By tasking her brothers to feed her yogurt bites, Miriam is distracted long enough for me to...dundundun... LOAD THE DISHWASHER!

Go me.

Just in time for the lunch dishes to fill it back up again.

I put Miriam down to do piano with the boys.


Someone, in that time, smeared soap all over the bathroom mirror.

Diet Coke for lunch.

It's 1pm. I am not dressed.

Miriam is thrilled, her unwashed, pj-clad mother picked her up again! The world can go on!

The house is still a mess. I am still not dressed. Ezra did not nap. The washing machine is beeping incessantly telling me to come put the diapers in the dryer. The children are educated.


I am blogging. Miriam is banging on the computer.

This is my life. This is why my house is a mess.


Alisha Hagey said...

What a great reason for it being a mess. You are a rock star Morgan

McEuens said...

Yep, pretty much.

Jae said...

I love this TOO much. I just sat down for the first time today and my house is a mess too. Unite!

Nathaly Blalock said...

I love you. And I love this!

Nicole said...

Hey it's Nicole from PA here... I had a very (VERY) similar sounding post running through my head all morning for my blog (yes I did actually write something the other day!) and I just sat down to do it but instead checked on you and laughed my butt off at the uncanny similarities. It's so nice to know I'm not alone. We are (still) working on that package to send you and kiddos so hopefully sometime soon!

Morgan Hagey said...

Do I owe YOU an email, or do you owe ME an email???


mjoray said...

Love it

Bo Tolbert said...

Oh, you are so not alone! Having children and toddlers around usually means a messy and chaotic but happy house. It’s like a never-ending chore being with them, but mess is okay as long are you’re sure the kids are happy and safe with their stuff. Bo @ HJSSupply.com


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