Monday, February 11, 2013

We Survived Our First Nor'Easter!

We survived our first Nor'Easter!

It was ridiculous. SO MUCH SNOW. The official totals for our area was just over 2 feet, but our little hill was gifted with much closer to 3 ft.

(Looking down on the van from the porch. I had to dig a door out because Derek's gloves were inside.)

I've been having to potty the dog on the driveway, if that is any indication of how much snow there is. He can't out in the yard because the snow is so light and deep that he sinks. He's also a pathetic beast from Las Vegas, so he's not a fan of winter.

Derek did the bulk of the snow-blowing, although I did one run up and down (did you know our driveway is over 200 feet long? Meaning that one run up and back took me an hour?)

(What a champ. For comparison's sake, Derek is 6'4, and he had to go over everything twice.)

Our neighbors who are also in our ward showed up with an extra snow-blower, shovels and teenaged daughters to help.

Four hours later, we had a driveway!

It was crazy.

(Ezra was unimpressed.)

I am so grateful to have maintained power throughout. We were warm and cozy and feasted on homemade bread for two straight days.

Today it is snowing/raining again and so instead of going to the store to get food to replace everything we ate as we were snowed in, I shall simply not do that.

Perhaps more bread is for dinner?


Brian and Kelsey said...

I'm glad you survived...yum homemade bread. I hate snow, I will enjoy our rainy days with lows in the 40s,

Alisa said...



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