Monday, February 4, 2013


One of things that excited Derek and I about moving to New England was how close things are. You can drive two hours and go through three states.

Derek's job requires him to travel a bit, and sometimes we get to tag along. This week we went to Maine for the day. None of us had ever been. The boys were so so excited to go to the ocean. Oliver wondered why we didn't bring our swim suits.

The beach was FREEZING *duh* and windy as all get out. But it was beautiful and amazing and deserted and the boys had a blast. We also enjoyed a store called "Renys" which is apparently a Maine original and is, in my approximation kind of like Big Lots, maybe?

A mediocre pizza joint was our dinner (so sad when Mom and Pop's aren't good. I WANT TO LIKE YOU!) and we were home.

Then on Saturday, after cleaning all morning, we did what any person, desperate to keep their kids from crapping up their house after they just cleaned it would do. We went to Boston.

Boston boasts and amazing Children's Museum and despite being ridiculously busy, the kids had a blast. We bought a year pass and I'm sure we'll return as often an possible. Boston is just over an hour from our house, so it's an easy drive.

I probably should have stayed home more and opened more boxes, but... I didn't. HA! And we had a great week.


Brian and Kelsey said...

Best part about the East Coast is all the day trips! Your kids probably don't know that a beach is supposed to be warm haha. Glad your adjusting and having fun. Boxes can wait.

Jen said...

That is cool to be able to visit so many places! I have family that used to live in Maine and I always wanted to visit them there!

Yasmine said...

Yes,it would be weird to live in a teeny tiny state where you could just be in Massachussettes in an hour. (Oh wait, I can be in Oregon in an hour......)

My parents lived in New Hampshire and worked in Boston when they were first married. They loved it!

Maine? Seriously? You're on the opposite coast. Ugh.

Alisha Hagey said...

You know I am totally jealous. But bravo for you and glad you get it and see all the incredible things on the east coast. I am sure your kids are loving it.


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