Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Perk

The land this house sits on was a HUGE perk in moving here. We have almost 2 acres, half of which is "yard" and the other half is woods. 

The yard has a rather large hill, with the house perched right in the back.  

My parents sent us with the sled we had growing up. It's fairly old,seriously, I think they had it before I was born. 

A recent snowfall, all our school work completed and two sleeping babies meant that yesterday was the DAY to test the sledding conditions. 

And so we did. 

We laughed and flew down the hill. I stopped the sled over and over from pitching over the crest of the ditch into the small stream that runs on our land. It was a blast. I hadn't been sledding since before I was married.

 Henry was shocked when I declared I wanted a turn. 

And when I declared, "Moms like fun too, Henry!" he tried to HIDE his surprise. 

Eventually, Miriam woke up and was not impressed with the whole affair, so we had to call it day sooner than the boys would have liked. 

Sigh. I think we need more afternoons of sledding around here. I can't have my kids forgetting that I like fun too. 


Brian and Kelsey said...

She does not look thrilled at all haha!

Alisha Hagey said...

Brilliant. And even though little M doesn't seem none-to-pleased to be outside, she looks great in the photo.

Alisa said...

That amount of land around a house is IDEAL! SO much better than a tightly packed neighborhood, don't you think? Well...both have their advantages, I guess. But I'd take the land!


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