Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's Still Winter.

I don't have a groove yet. Miriam is six months old, and usually by the time the baby is six months old I'm usually pretty comfortable with what we're doing... AND we're not there yet.

Maybe it's because of the move, Derek left when Miri was 8 weeks old, then single-mom-hood, then Christmas, then the move, then then then WINTER oh my heavens, my house is a disaster and there are children everywhere, and boxes remain in the basement (we pretend like those aren't there), and it's  just a bit of a zoo. Photo

I'm trying to get a routine going, and it's helping, but it is still WINTER and my goodness above, February is the longest month isn't it? I mean it's short to keep people from offing themselves, honestly.

So, since more snow is a'comin' we're just going to try to stick to our routine...kind of,  eat more homemade bread, and RUN and RUN and RUN.

Oh goodness.


Stacy said...

I miss you like crazy, friend. And you took the words right out of my mouth. Love the pics of the boys running by as massive blurs.

Yasmine said...

You moved to the wrong coast! It's spring here. We've had birds building their nests under our balcony, animals frolicking, allergies in the air........
(We felt a little gyped on the snow this year though. Enjoy it while you got it!)

Brian and Kelsey said...

They should make kid sized treadmills and excersise bikes. With racing games built in. That way when its too cold outside you they can run and bike on their indoor excersise equipment. Get out all their pent up engery. Hang in there March is coming!


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