Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Oh yesterday.

We were supposed to be in NYC for a long weekend because Derek had a meeting there anyway.

But, we've been so sick and still recovering.

And plus, hello car trip, not interested.

Additionally, um it's winter. I don't want to wander New York City with five children in the butt-freezing cold.

So, I sent Derek off on his own, with a wink and a smile, trying to control my jealous feelings, and decided that since it was winter, now was the time to read a book about gardening. 

(That book? Awesome, if you have any interest in well, self-sufficiency! I'm rereading it.)

Then, four pages in, my children needed a million things, and that was the end of my reading for the entire day.

But, hours later, I realized, "Wow, today has been pretty great."

Sad that I was surprised by that, but whatev.

I had successfully unpacked much of the bedrooms, the children made forts out of boxes, no one cried during school.

Ahem. Let me repeat myself so you understand what a momentous occasion this was: NO ONE CRIED DURING SCHOOl.

We stayed home all day.

And it was wonderful.

And it was so momentous that I thought I better blog it.

Yesterday was awesome.

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