Saturday, January 19, 2013

Here I am, in New Hampshire



This has been one heckuva journey.

Yes. A journey.


Many many miles.

It all started with the seven of us loading up and heading eastward with an extremely sick Oliver.

By Cheyenne, Henry had the croup.

Urgent Care visit for Henry in Wyoming. WOOT!


Then, every single day we made it many LESS miles than we wanted.

Four days stretched to nearly six.

We were, in short, MISERABLE.

Much vomit (from coughing too much), much coughing, much fevers, much dizziness.

(Many meals in restaurants)


Derek got sick, I got sick.


We rolled into our new place late Saturday night.

Then we laid on the couches for four days.

(Underwhelmed with the new house. Too sick.) 


More urgent care visits.

Almost no boxes unpacked.

Which is fine because only 2/3 of our stuff made it form Utah so far anyway. The rest is SUPPOSED to be here tomorrow. We'll see. I'll believe it when I see it.

We didn't have internet for the whole week.

We seem to be on the upswing, except Spencer who got better and now not so much again? I see another urgent care visit in our future.

I love the house, Derek did very well. New Hampshire is pretty.

My cell phone doesn't really like our house.

(Me standing at the only spot in my house my phone likes!)

Really, I'm grateful. We avoided any road hazards, the car ran beautifully. We had warm hotels (only one that was "wth?". The dog had no accidents anywhere (until the first night in the new house, awesome-Dog). Miriam avoided getting the brunt of the illness. The hotels had coin-op laundries, there was plenty of Diet Coke to be found. Blessings.

I'm happy we're home. I'm learning a bit about where we live. It's an adjustment, and there are moments of "woah!" every day. We live here? In this house? In New Hampshire?


But it's good. Very good. My kitchen is now functional. The classroom/toyroom is functional. The internet is functional.

(Picnic dinners on the floor.)

(Don't mind the trash bag, but I managed to get the kitchen done!)

(What do you do with your formal dining room, when you're a homeschooling family? Turn it into the classroom.) 

(My favorite spot right now. Pellet stove, rocking chair. Delight.)

We good.


Stacy said...

I seriously miss you.

Brian and Kelsey said...

I can't imagine 6 days with sick kids. 4 days nearly killed me. Hope you are enjoying putting roots down in New Hampshire.


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