Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Party!

We got to celebrate Sir Ezra yesterday. Daddy arrived during naptimes so when he woke up, Ezra got Daddy as a present.

He chose a local joint for dinner (okay, truth: he chose a corn dog "on a stick" for dinner, and Mom and Dad just happen to know where the best place for them is!). Granne, Papa and Alice and Reuben joined us. Eating out with the crew is always an experience, but everyone (the restaurant included) survived.


Then cake and presents!

He is so funny. He loves balls, backpacks and dressing up in costumes, so really, his birthday was basically perfect.

(Super cape, hat and ball, yup, about right!)

Now the list!
At two years old Ezra:
Sleeps well
eats primarily fruits, veggies and crackers.
Hot dogs are about the only "meat" he'll eat.
Says lots. His newest? "BUT BUT BUT!" when he's arguing about something/anything with me.
Demands things be put "up high" to be protected from his brothers.
Is very very good at playing ball. He has an arm!
Doesn't have the patience to sit for most books, but on occasion will surprise me.
Learning to be kind and sweet and less of a bully.
Enjoys undressing himself.
Hopefully will potty train SOOOOOON!
Is a joy and a light in our family.

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