Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Lighting of The Ing Christmas Tree 2012

It's tradition. The first Monday after Thanksgiving, we do the tree.

Have I mentioned how the movers are packing on the 21st of December? Or how they are packing the truck on the 24th? As in Christmas Eve.

Awesome, no?

So, we are NOT having a big Christmas this year. In fact you might say that we're having a mini-Christmas. Yes, mini. That sounds right.

As in almost no decor, and no tree. Sorry folks.

I do have this tiny tree from a million years ago. So, THAT is our Christmas tree this year.

Thus, we were able to decorate like normal, except in miniature, Derek included. Well, actually, thanks to our computer being hooked up to our TV, his face was bigger than he actually is. So, yeah, Skyped-Daddy is definitely better than NO daddy, you know?
So, now our Christmas has been kicked off. Because I made sugar cookies. THAT is the official opening of the Christmas season, did you know?

Merry Christmas!

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