Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday!

Poor Sweet Henry. His 7th birthday was on Friday. It snowed the snow of a January Blizzard on Friday, November 9th. It was tragic. Derek's flight from New Hampshire managed to make it eventually, but slowly and surely the majority of his birthday guests declared they simply couldn't make it in the snow.

It was really that horrible. SO MUCH SNOW.

His grandparents, one aunt and uncle and his very-best-friend-who-I-hope-he-marries all managed to make it. We ate good food, and loved on our Henry, who is very grown up at the ripe old age of SEVEN.

He got some good stuff too, including a box full of all the things my Henry needs to function properly. Things like: rope, tent stakes, masking tape, a note book, post it notes, stretchy headbands used as weapons, clips, reflectors, a flashlight... good job Papa and Granne, good job.

Captain America has been fought over as well, which is what drove Henry at one point this weekend, to hide him in the fridge.

The KNEX kit has over 500 pieces. This makes me sad. I keep finding them everywhere.

All in all a good birthday. He was saddened by the crap weather, but the presence of a few family members made it all okay.

The lateness of this post is due to my incredible inability to do anything on a computer for than five minutes at a time. In fact, I'll be right back to put the pictures in because everyone needs tucking in.

Including Miri who will insist on kicking me until I pay her the attention she deserves.

Okay, I'm back. Picture time! Derek has the camera in NH, and my phone was in the process of being replaced on Friday, so Derek was photag, and we didn't get any pictures of the sad sad cake or the eating thereof. So, anyway, here is the great-present-opening!

He was mighty unimpressed with the clothes. BORING (he didn't say that, he's polite!)

Books that he can read. Okay, but still not very exciting.

KNEX, now we're speaking his language!

Captain America, let's all fight over him shall we??

I wish you all could hear him as he opend this kit from my parents. Every item was a thrill.
"TAPE!!!!!" He is the funniest, weirdest kid.

Can't have a birthday without at least one Mama-made item. Spencer has a similiar cloak and it's frequently desired by more than one. Now we have two.

Also can't have a birthday unless EVERY brother gets a present.

This picture is terrifying,

Ezra showig off HIS present.

Now for the list. At SEVEN years old Henry is:
losing teeth. This upsets me.
doing pretty well in first grade.
loving to create new things, with gadgets.
a great helper and fantastic big brother.
loving the world of magic and wizards.
loving to eat most foods except tomatoes.
wearing a size one shoe. BIG FOOT.
delveloping a sense of humor. When he makes me laugh he beams.
wanting more independence.

What a blessing our dude Henry is. I vividly remember being seven. How can I have a child who is seven? HOW??? I don't understand it all. He is a wonderful, beautiful gift from above and I thank God every day he's our Henry.

Happy Birthday, Henry!


Stacy said...

This post made me cry and I'm not even sure there's a good reason why. Except I love Henry and all your kids, and he's 7! And I hope they get married too.

Stacy said...

This post made me cry and I'm not even sure there's a good reason why. Except I love Henry and all your kids, and he's 7! And I hope they get married too.


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