Monday, May 21, 2012


You know what is magical?

A BRAND SPANKING NEW PARK opening right down the street.

We drove past the site for the park nearly every day since we've moved into our house. We carefully (as carefully as small boys can) analyzed all the progress made as our mild weather allowed workers to push onward through the dark days of winter.

Oh it has been SO SO SO exciting!

The park opened on Saturday, and we assured the kids we would not be going. It was insanely busy. So instead, bright and early this fine Monday, we basked in the beauty of school not being out yet and headed over to a very not busy brand spanking new park.

And it was just as fabulous as we imagined all winter long.

I barely snapped any pictures because they were running/biking/climbing/playing like their little lives depended on it.

Which, frankly, is how it should be.

But I did catch this one. 

And then we ran and played.

However, NOT magical?
Not bringing any snacks. EVERYONE had a meltdown when they realized my purse did NOT in fact contain "elevensies". We had to go to the store after (toilet paper is not a luxury). So we did the awesome "open a box of something, eat half of it and pay for it after" trick. I HATE DOING THAT.

But still, it was worth it. It was just fabulous. I know they are going to ask to go back tomorrow. And you know, maybe we will.


Amber C said...

If you go back, don't forget the drinks and snacks. So excited for you to have a close place to go!

McEuens said...

It is SO nice having a park within walking distance. That's one of the things I miss the most about where we lived in Boston.

Tonya said...

Nothing like a great park to tire the little buggers out!

Before I had kids, I remember looking at the moms in the grocery store with the open packages of snacky foods and I would think "Oh, how absolutely awful!" But when a kid's gotta eat, a kid's gotta eat, and in order to prevent meltdowns, I have done it myself! And I don't care what anyone thinks!


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