Thursday, May 24, 2012


Today was a much better day, thank you very much for asking. I woke up feeling happy. Ahhhh happiness, what a lovely feeling. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, all that fairy tale crap. Perfect.

I don't have gestational diabetes, I am anemic and baby is head down. Things are perfectly normal in that arena.

Derek bought me a burger for lunch in honor of all of the above.

The boys were happy and easy most of the day so we slipped off to the park. It was busy and there wasn't really space to play on the bigger play ground. So we played at the preschool-sized one. This bummed Henry out, but everyone else did just fine.

Everyone except this little dude:

Poor guy watched the big kids/adults play basketball with great GREAT envy. He just say next to me and watched. "Bah-Ball" he would say sadly and then point at the court. I promised him next time we would bring a "bah-ball" and let him play. It broke my heart ever so slightly. I don't think he's feeling great, and this was just terribly sad for him, no "bah-ball."

I'm dreaming of diaper bag designs, even committed to the fabrics today. Petunia Pickle Bottom has NOTHING on me. I haven't used a diaper bag in three babies, and feel sort of like my little purse might burst when baby girl gets here between slings, diapers for two, extra unders and pant for Mr. O, the absolute required water bottles, snacks, etc.

Gosh. I have a bunch of kids!

So, a diaper bag will become a new re-reality for me. It's gonna be epic. Just as soon as I eat another burger to up my iron. Holy Anemia Batman, I'm tired.

The kids seemed draggy and tired today too, (maybe none of them feel well?) so rather than our normal "ride bikes and run until Mom makes us come in" regime, we sat on the front porch and read library books. It was peaceful and delightful. It made me feel old-fashioned and very Anne-Shirley-Esque.

This my life. This is life we've built. And I love it.

I just need to up my red meat intake. Then I'll be about perfect.

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The Nelsen Family: said...

Hey, you've gotta do what you've gotta do...if you've have to sacrifice and eat a burger, well...hopefully it was In-N-Out (or are you one of the crazy ones who doesn't like it? ;). Glad baby is head down and whatnot!


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