Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Well, Easter was something. We are fairly exhausted from partying after Oliver's birthday, then the Resurrection, you know.

Anyway, we added a trampoline to the family this weekend. It's great...except... they fight about who's turn it is. ALWAYS. So now I'm the trampoline police.

And can I tell you that Ezra is driving me bananas?! If he is awake, not eating and not outside, he's screaming.

Like, as I was vacuuming today, and there he was, following me, clinging to me, screaming, sobbing and snotting. Why? Because he WANTS TO PLAY OUTSIDE DANG IT ALL TO HECK!

Well, folks, he's 16 months old. I can't exactly send him outside without adult supervision. And frankly, as much as I wish it were so, Henry, at age 6, is not "adult supervision". I tried, but good old Henry wanted to PLAY and not babysit.

So, I've spent the last two days doing yard work instead of cleaning because well, I have to be outside or Ezra punishes me most severely.

The yard work is awful. There is all this... ground cover/viney crap that is on the outer parameter of our yard. Do you know what ground cover/viney crap is actually? A trash trap, that's what. OH MY RAKING. I'm plumb wore out.

So, tomorrow it's supposed to rain. I am thankful. The weather has been lovely, so I'm trying not to be driven insane by my undone to do's. But still, yes on the rain.

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