Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday

My big smart three year old is tucked up in his bed, dreaming the dreams of a birthday boy who declared during his bath "I like my birthday, Mommy!"

(By the way, he picked out his own outfit today! He loves that silly sweater vest.)

Oh my Oliver boy. I'm so glad.

Gotta love the row of uncles singing "Happy Birthday".

That cake is lemon, at Oliver's insistence. It HAD to be lemon. It was yummy.

He got A LOT of fun stuff. Golf clubs, baseball stuff. Joy of a three year old!

We ran and played all the day long. We did manage to squeeze in a nap even. It was a day of days.

We went to an indoor amusement park. Exhausting. And goodness, the roller coaster... Henry *might* have vomited.

He got a "guitar" and he loves it. His brothers loves it. I love it. It's actually a ukulele. And his brothers are terribly jealous.

"Don't take a picture of me, Mommy!"

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Jen said...

Cute b-day boy!


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