Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Like Father Like Son

This cute boy here is just like his daddy.

How so?

He is hard on clothes. In the last week, Henry has *accidentally* destroyed three of his four pair of pants.

He can't help it.

I am SO glad that it is almost summer, and therefore, we can just go to shorts. Shorts don't have knees, you see, so they can't possibly wear out IN THE KNEES.

And for cold, wet mornings like today, I suppose the patched pants will simply have to do until fall when I upgrade my sweet crazy boy from size 6 slim to size 7 slim. Goodness. He never even gets the chance to outgrow them before he destroys them.

Which means there are NO hand me down pants for Spencer. It's all good. I planted a money tree last year, which I planned to use for food and clothes, so we're good.




Stacy said...

Fertilize that money tree would ya? I had to pay taxes today. And you know how much money I owe IHC...

Nathaly Blalock said...

Big fat ditto. When my grandma was here she turned all of Diego's ripped up pants into shorts for Celo. Celo never gets pants hand me downs. And their father is the worst at not taking care of clothes! He tries to "help" with the laundry and throws his good shirts in with towels and tennis shoes and I try to explain that he's going to ruin his clothes like that and that we don't have bags of money to pay for new ones!


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