Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cute boys

This cute boy here, 
whom we call Oliver Willis is something else. He has two catch phrases: \
1. "I still hungry, Mommy."
2. "My back hurts."

If I'm asking him to put his shoes away, his back hurts.

If I ask him to go to bed, "I still hungry, Mommy."

The back-hurting thing has been very concerning to me. Why does my young, healthy three-year-old's back hurt? I have poked and prodded.

Folks, unless I am very much mistaken, his back does not hurt.

As for the "I still hungry, Mommy." Well, he eats basically constantly. I'm really not sure how he can constantly be hungry as well. So I'll feed him snacks and meals at very frequent intervals.

I just can't quite understand the deal. These phrases are a phase, I know. But what a weird phase.

This cute boy here, whom we call Spencer David fell asleep with a smile on his face tonight. What was he thinking of? I don't know, but it made ME smile. Isn't he a doll? He's so very... oh Spencer, I suppose. He's brilliant and imaginative, and sweet and fiesty, and funny. I'm glad he fell asleep happy tonight.

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