Monday, April 23, 2012

The Change-Up

Children grow.

The weather changes.

The result?

Little boys wearing ripped up, too short pants and long sleeves in 80 degree weather.

It's pretty awesome.

So, thus has begun the GREAT CLOTHES CHANGE UP OF 2012.

Ezra: OUT of 12 month winter, INTO 18 month summer.

Oliver: OUT of 2t winter clothes, INTO 3t summer clothes.

Spencer: OUT of 4t winter clothes, INTO 4t summer clothes.

Henry: OUT of size 6 winter clothes, INTO his underwear.

No really.

He was DEEPLY offended that I didn't have any clothes for HIM to pull out of boxes.

Sorry dude. You're first. I gotz to buy yours.

And now, the clothes are washing. And I'm sorting out the old.

And why WHY, when I put clean clothes into the boxes, do they seem so UNWASHED a year later when I pull them out again for the next kid. WHY?  Either way, they smell like they've been in a rubbermaid tub for a year?

It's weird.

It's also insanely nostalgic. There are SOME things that have managed to survive since our very first to now. So, as I pull them out I remember who wore it when. It's stupid, but I remember some in my bones.

Some are SO hammered, but I still keep them. I don't have anyone wear them, but I remember.

Oh babies. I know you're designed to grow. But, goodness. I'm surprised how much it surprises me when you do.

So, now I'll spend the week sorting and repacking the WINTER ones away while the kids glory in picking between the Hulk t-shirt or the Batman one.

Except for Henry, who has no clothes. TOMORROW!

 I promise.


Kara @ Simplistically Sassy said...

I did this last night for my boys. I hate going through closets and rearranging, and through the boxes, lol. But it's SO SO nice not to have to buy every child something!

McEuens said...

You make all that clothes sorting and swapping sound almost pleasant. For me it is mostly a big fat pain the butt that I hate. I like your way of looking at it better. :)

Tonya said...

I love going through the boxes of clothes and finding "new" clothes for my boys to wear. Nothing like hand-me-downs!


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