Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bits N Bobs

Oliver's third birthday is coming up on Friday. This is weird. He is SO excited. And frankly, so am I. We have a pretty awesome, pretty "Oliver" gift set up. He's going to love it. There will be fights. I'm so excited.

Ezra is weaning. He's so close, yet not there. He's teething, and seems to be getting a cold, so let's pray that he is cool with continuing onward and upward. Oh please. I need a bit of a break before I start all over again. I'm working extremely hard to not make this a traumatic time in his life. It's going pretty well. I'm hoping we're finished soon, and gently.

Henry is learning to ride a two-wheeled bike. I knew he'd take right to it, and he has. He doesn't need or want my help. How dare he be big.

Spencer is still my sweet early riser. I have accepted that will never ever change. We've discovered that PBS kids is NOT the devil. We did great for about 8 months of no tv during the week. But, I'm pregnant and exhausted and Ezra is NOT sleeping through the night. Spencer routinely is awake right before or at 5am (EVEN WITH THE STUPID DAY LIGHT SAVINGS TIME!). So instead, I make a bagel or a muffin breakfast (three actually, one for each) lay them out, and put the TV on channel 7. It's painful for me to admit this, but the fact is, it works. They stay quiet for an hour until Ezra wakes up. They aren't starved and PBS is actually kind of...educational.

Derek is working like a mad-man to finish his dissertation. He's so close, and we're to the last mile of this marathon. We're praying and he's working. It's wonderful and exhausting and he's just so close. He does NOT like it when I tell him he's 9cm dilated. I find this comparison to be exact, he disagrees and wishes I wouldn't equate his paper to childbirth. Sorry dude. You're 9cm dilated and contractions are coming hot and heavy. Hang in there, Baby Cakes and that darling little PhD will be in your arms before you know it.

We're great. Doing our thing. Life is very very blessed.


Alisha said...

You know, when I first saw the title I thought it said, "bits 'n boobs" which is fitting as well :)

Love you all and love to our Oliver. He is so awesome and I cannot believe he is 3 already - what it must be like for you is crazy.

Good luck to Derek (and to you while surviving during the chaos)

Tonya said...

No harm in a little educational TV if it gives you the chance for a few more zzzzzzz.


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