Monday, March 26, 2012

Today was a Difficult Day

Today was rough. I got frustrated with everyone and everything after a very trying afternoon of school.

I finally declared it done and said, "I'm going to do the dishes. Finish your writing and don't come up stairs when you're done. Just play down here." Then I stomped off to DO THE DANG DISHES.

A very (VERY) few minutes later Henry crept up the stairs. I *almost* snapped at him for being blatantly disobedient, but he mewed very demurely "Mommy?" so I didn't.

"What Henry?" I said.

"I made you these cards. One is me, you and Spencer and the other is you petting the dog." He left them on the (still dirty) counter and disappeared.
From March 2012

The day DID not actually improve as you might think it would after such a loving, kind-hearted display. The boys still fought with each other, didn't listen and just basically made me crazy. (They were beating on each other and stealing toys and and and !)

 But I clung to the hope that they wouldn't hate me forever for enforcing rules (NO YOU MAY NOT EAT SPAGHETTI IN THE FREAKING LIVING ROOM!) and telling them for Family Home Evening that "choosing the right means LISTENING WHEN MOMMY SPEAKS and not being little stinker butts!! THE END! GO TO BED!"

The day finally ended with Henry *accidently* stepping on Spencer's sensitive areas (so many tears) and two hours later when Ezra FINALLY went to sleep.

Now, I'm forgiving and forgetting. I have a game plan for tomorrow. It will be a better day.

And I'm thankful that they love me, even on horrid, hard days, when I wouldn't mind a vacay and they wouldn't mind a mom who let them run around naked with sticks (YES STICKS) a bit more often.

Plus, baby girl has the hiccups. And that's always a hoot.

Today was a difficult day. Tomorrow WILL be better.


Jae said...

Morgs, have I ever told you that I love you? This made me laugh and need a nap. You're superwoman.

The Harper Family said...

Oh girl, this sounds like my house!!


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