Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just a Moment

From February 2012
(Someone stole my phone. I haven't figured out who's feet those are...)

Today, I was sewing Oliver's pants. At the moment he discovered HIS pants were in progress, my little guy stripped the pants he WAS wearing right off. He ran around in his undies (UNDIES!!!!!) the entire time I was sewing.

There was a moment, while I was seam-ripping the waist band out (I sewed it in backwards. Goodness, I fool myself into thinking I can sew, but the reality is, I have no ever completely a project without first screwing it up) and I had a moment.

The big boys were gleefully not not loudly or obnoxiously playing downstairs in the classroom. Ezra was enjoying a late afternoon nap. Oliver was sitting in his underwear (UNDERWEAR!) on the table, "helping" me. Derek was home, working on his computer. It was a moment.

Everyone was happy. No one was screaming, scolding, crying or pooping.

It was just a moment.

But it was beautiful.

The nicest thing was I realized it was a moment. Often I miss the good moments purely by accident. But today. Today I caught it.

It was nice.

1 comment:

Tonya said...

Love it! My boys like to run around in their "skivvies" and pretend they are superheros.

It's easy to miss the moments, I know. Good for you for catching this one!


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