Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Whining (Feel free to skip this post)

In all this sickness, we've lost our flow. Meals have been toast and hot chocolate. Bedtimes have been all over the maps. Naps happen in arms or multiple times a day (depending on who you are). It's only Tuesday, but I feel like I've lost a week of my life!

The fevers have lifted, except for in my wee-littlest. He was up from 2-3 this morning while awaiting his medicine to kick in.

Then as he drifted back to sleep (ON MY PILLOW) I heard Spencer get up.

Spencer has taken to waking up in the 3:00 hour to sneak down and watch TV.

I was furious. Spencer and I have a tenuous relationship in the morning as it is. 6:00 is nearly impossible for him to wait for before leaving his room. Usually 5:30 is all I can hope for.

But 3:35? Sorry, Dude. I won't allow it.  And it's becoming a habit. I am unimpressed.  And please remember, once Spencer is up for the day, there is no going back to sleep. So is he's awake at 3:00 that's it. I'm screwed.

Thus began the battle royale over staying in your dang bedroom until there is a 6: on the clock.

I camped myself on a pillow with a blanket outside his room. Again and again I sent him in. I gradually moved to the couch around the 4:30 time frame.

About 5:30 Ezra (who needed to remain asleep having decided HIS bedtime last night was 9:30) was requesting my presence so I gave up and went back to bed. Within seconds I heard Spencer leave him room.

The battle was lost but I had stuck my ground for 2 hours.

And so our flow is REALLLLLLLY messed up. I'm beyond exhausted. Spencer is insanely whiny (YA THINK) as is Ezra (HUGE SURPRISE). People are snotty and coughing and generally disgusting.

 I am lacking serious motivation,and frankly all I want is for everyone to go away and let me nap. I don't care about the trashed house, the laundry, or anything really at all. I just want a nap.


Jennifer said...

Awwww - sickness takes a lot out of us mamas (and really messes up little ones).

My daughter had a cold/fever over two weeks ago and we're still working to get her back to her "usual" schedule.

Wishing you some well deserved rest (and hugs)!

Nathaly Blalock said...

Oh Morgs, I'm sorry. I just blogged yesterday about the pukiness going on at my house. Cleaning up puke + getting no sleep due to sick kids is THE WORST when you are pregnant. It's just cruel. I too do not care one bit about anything else except trying to get a nap today. But sadly, it will not happen. I have a cough today that will not quit and everytime I cough it makes me dry heave. Super fun. Just wanted you to not feel alone in the whining!!! I hope you get to rest!

Anonymous said...

at least you are lucky enough to bear children, stop the whining.

Morgan -Ing said...

Aww, Anon. If you're going to be rude, at least sign your name! I mean, c'mon!

I'm sorry you didn't like the post. I DID warn you in the title that it was nothing but whining. AND I invited you to skip it.

My kids are my life. I thank God for them ever day. I'm allowed to have a bad week. And I'm allowed to whine about it.

My blog=I can write whatever I want. Don't like it? Don't read it.


Anna said...

Morgan, I feel for you! Don't worry about anonymous she's just bitter that bearing children is a struggle of hers and not yours. We're all allowed a bad day or week and we all have our struggles. Hope your kids get better soon, sick kids are no fun...unless they are super cuddly! =)


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