Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home

Or in this case, doesn't leave for work until after lunch!

I had to be some places this morning, and the kids weren't invited. So I got food in the crock pot and dug clothes out of the clean laundry for everyone and ran away.

Two and a half hours later, upon my return, I found 3 boys in Spiderman costumes and lunch on the table.

SUCH fun they'd had with their daddy. They had gone in their costumes to the grocery store for tortillas for lunch. There had been FREE COOKIES for sampling, and CAR CARTS FOR DRIVING. Basically, they had a ball.

At the grocery store.

Daddies are just the best aren't they?


Lori said...

Daddies like Derek Hagey are the best, yes, agreed! :) So glad you were able to slip away and know that your beautiful boys were in great hands!

Amber C said...

How fun for all! Now, if I can train mine to be like that. :)


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