Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This is Brought to You by Migraine Medicine

Yup. Four Tylenol Migraine pills at 11:30pm. Terrible idea.

But what's a worse idea?

Sobbing into your husband's shoulder because your head has been hurting so badly all day that you accomplished absolutely nothing.

And it hurting so bad that you can't sleep.

Yeah, in the end, it was decided that NOT sleeping was the only option. I could either be awake and in misery, or awake due to serious amounts of caffeine in the migraine meds.

Yes, being awake and NOT in as much pain is much much better.

I have to tell you that yesterday was "pick up trash on our street" for our 12 Days of Service.

It was my favorite.

The boys were crazy about picking up the garbage. There was only about half a bag's worth, but every little wrapper was like a prize.

And when we found a pizza box? Spencer and Henry *might* have tackled one another in order to get in the trash.

With ten pounds on him, Henry beat out Spencer.

Spencer was not amused.

Like I said, it was my favorite.

Now it's nearing 1am, and I need to go down to the cold cold basement and figure out why it's only 63 degrees in my house when the thermostat is set to 67.

Oh my, try, dear friends to not be too terribly jealous of my exciting life.

High on migraine meds.

Cold house.

Calm down folks.

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