Monday, December 19, 2011

An Early Christmas Present

So, we bought a family Christmas present and gave it to the kids early for Christmas.

And can I just say it's the best present EVER!

Since Friday (well, we took Sunday off) we've headed over to our local rec center to our reserved racquetball court.
From December 2011

Six  racquetballs (NO RACQUETS!), six people, one enclosed, private gym equates an hour of FUN.
From December 2011

Now, the rec center membership offers far more than just racquetball courts: pools, a basketball court, even ice skating (and a gym for Mom and Dad) but so far, we haven't grown bored of our running around like crazies on the court.
From December 2011

We almost didn't make it today. We had the furnace AND hot water heater poop out, I wasn't feeling great, Spencer wasn't feeling great, but in the end right before dinner, we squeezed in a half hour.

It was delightful. It was what we needed.
From December 2011

Someday, I'm sure we'll hit the pools at least.

But for now, we're content with our little racquetball paradise.


Merry Christmas!


Tonya said...

Four little boys, an open space to run with balls to throw around equals perfection :)

Lori said...

There are just no words for how awesome/brilliant I think this is! Those boys look like they've just hit the mother load!!! :) Love it!!!

The Spendloves said...

I'm assuming your talking about our community rec center? I LOVE that place!! You'll love it come summer too. The outdoor pool is awesome! The indoor splash zone is great too during the winter. My boys have loved ice skating there and there swim lessons too. Ok... can you tell how much I love the rec center?? :)


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