Monday, December 5, 2011

Ezra is One.

I find it rude that my baby turns ONE today.
From December 2011
(Derek telling Ez, "It's YOUR birthday!")

What a year.
From December 2011
(Ezra enjoying Barbacoa for his Birthday Lunch.)

At ONE year old Ezra:
is a tiny destroying force of nature. He empties drawers, cupboards, buckets, cups, shelves and anything else he can get his hands on, so fast it's like a tornado hit.
doesn't care for carbs. He tends to spit out bread unless it's slathered in peanut butter and jelly.
eats up anything other than carbs. His favorites are peaches, olives, meat of any kind, beans and rice, and bananas.
loves drinking from a straw. Any drink with a straw, he believes is HIS.
doesn't walk. He's kinda close, maybe, but not really. He crawls and cruises and gets where he wants to be.
has the CUTEST smile and crinkly eyes on the planet.
is very very very very not weaned. Very.
doesn't sleep through the night. At all. Not even close really.
says, "All done" "dada" "mama" and "yeah".
adores being adored by his brothers.
is daddy's best friend.
will be your friend so long as he is safely in Mama's arms.
weighs 19lbs 13 oz.
has two and a half teeth.
loves playing ball.
makes car noises with toy cars.
claps and plays peekaboo.
folds his arms for prayers and says, "All done" instead of "amen".
is my favorite Ezra ever.

I never get tired of his smiling face. I adore him and find him to be hysterical.

I can't wrap my mind around the fact that he's been with us for a year. A year. Oh my.

And he's made our family different, better, happier. He's changed us all.

Happy Birthday Booby Baby. We love you so.


Tonya said...

Wow, he's a healthy eater! All my babies would eat were carbs! And he likes olives? Wow!

Kendra said...

Happy birthday to your little guy! My Evelyn turns a year in 2 months and I too find it rude :) How dare she do such a horrid thing!


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