Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Fingers

Now it's almost winter. Thanks to winter we all have *issues* in this house with Oh I hate the word "skin".

I will now spend the next 5-6 months slathering dry little parts with creams and lotions. It's a full-time job.

Henry: Face and hands
Spencer: Legs and backs of knees (you should SEE the backs of his knees...)
Oliver: Face and arms
Ezra: Hands, bum and legs
Derek: Hands
Morgan: Fingers
From November 2011

My poor, poor finger will spend the entirety of the cold weather season split and bloody. When I put the necessary bandaids on, everything gets wet and then I become quite concerned that my fingers are going to mold. It's very nerve-wracking. But if I don't cover them, then any bump[ or hit causes bleeding and ridiculous amounts of pain for the small-ness of the injuries.

It's embarrassing.

I've tried liquid bandages. No dice. First, it washes off. (Did you know I wash my hands approximately 22 times a day?) Second, it hurts so terribly to put it ON the open cracked skin that I get nauseated.

I've had four children with no drugs. I'd rather do that than glue my fingers back together. Pathetic huh?

So I keep buying bandages, and Oliver keeps opening them all and sticking them places and there you go. My winter, coming right at me.

Happy almost-December!


Stacy said...

I hate it. My hands are horribly dry all the time. I'm a big fan of the super glue on the cracks though- it doesn't hurt at all and it at least keeps everything sealed.

Morgan -Ing said...

I don't know why, but the bloody cracks BURN so bad I want to die when I glue them.

Tennille said...

One of the many non-lovely things about living in the desert. I made up a system a month or so ago and it kind of seems to be working for my poor cracked fingers. All day long, I slather lotion on my hands and fingers (which always gets washed off five minutes later, but whatever). I also take lotion with me in the car and slather it on at stoplights and such. And, I bought these geeky cotton sleep gloves. I have coconut oil stuff called Basa bar (I think) and I put that on, specifically on the tips of my fingers where the dryness is he worst. And then I put the gloves on and sleep like that.

Knock on wood, but it actually seems to be working. My hands are still dry, but not cracked or bleeding. Good luck!

Tennille said...
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Nathaly Blalock said...

Morgs - The back of Diego's knees used to be AWFUL. Really red, bumps everywhere, occasional bleeding. We thought it was bad ezcema, the weather, sweat or who knows what else causing it and tried all kinds of creams the doc gave us. Then he got retested for allergies and soy showed up, so we switched from soymilk to ricemilk and within 3 days, his knees were completely clear. He hasn't had a problem for over a year. Spencer's situation could be totally different, but I wanted to mention it just in case!

Brian and Kelsey said...

Sister you need a good lotion. NOT a cheap lotion. I recommend a good thick cream (Bath and Body works, utter cream etc..) Try the utter cream or eucerian with corn starch over it for your little boys back of knees, like we used to do for my legs in winter...

Anna said...

I swear by vanicream, you can find it at any outpatient pharmacy. I use it on all my children and Mike and I use it as well. Most of us have a little eczema. Seriously best stuff ever!!!

Tonya said...

Okay, another suggestion: O'Keefe's Working Hands. My parents swear by it, and I tried it last winter and it kept my hands from flaking and getting little cuts. I also use gloves on my hands when I wash dishes all winter. That helps!

Amber C said...

Dave finally got a prescription cream that actually helps. You might have to try asking your doctor. He also said there is a thing at Lowe's Hardware that the other construction guys use. It's in a green can that kind of looks like a shoe polish can. (his description, not mine). Good luck!

Morgan -Ing said...

Thank you all SO much for the suggestions. We are going to try lots and lots of new things.

Specifically, Nathaly, that's way interesting. I'm going to start recording when his knees are the worst, compared to the food we eat. Maybe I'll see a correlation?


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