Monday, November 7, 2011

Tom Turkey

From November 2011
Today, as I was preparing Tom Turkey, I had a funny tingle of excitement. Weird. It's a TURKEY for crying out loud.

But it's tradition. It's a tradition of our little family. Three years running. And I love it. This year, we've changed it up. Rather than do our "we're thankful for" feathers all at once, we're spreading it out and building his tail as the month progresses. 
From November 2011
Traditions are funny. They are vitally important to our days and years. They matter because they give rhythm and meaning to our days. My family growing up was rich in tradition, and I love carrying that over into my children's memories. Henry and Spencer both remembered Tom Turkey this evening when it was time to put him up. I can't tell you how happy it made me.

So, we wrote our thankful feathers for tonight and Spencer insisted on making him symmetrical, which, if I had known, I would have ensured the words were NOT upside down, but whatever. Each day, we'll each add more. 

Most important is recognizing how fantastically blessed we are. Oh my, our turkey's tail is going to be glorious by Thanksgiving. 

I love this time of year.

And now, for memory's sake:
November 2010

From Nov 2010
And November 2009
From Nov 2009


Kara said...

Umm ... can I totally copy you? I LOVE that idea! So so so much fun for the kids. I really might have to copy you.

Stacy said...

Look how cute your tiny boys are! Fun, fun! And I really need to do something like this. Like, yesterday.

Morgan -Ing said...

Kara- Go for it! We love it.

Stacy- We always do it for FHE the first Monday in November.

Alice said...

I cannot believe how much those boys have changed in the past year. My theory is correct, gotta love 'em up while they are tiny and the gas money spent is worth every penny! One day I hope to have a turkey Tom. Wait...what am I waiting for? Love this!


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