Thursday, November 3, 2011

Depths of Despair

I am in the depths of despair (said in my best Anne-Shirley-esque voice).

Friends, I don't like to be a bummer. But can I just say that I can't take the mess much longer. I can't take the fact that my house has some sort of JK Rowling-Harry-Potter inspired curse on it wherein the box that gets unpacked magically reproduces into three NEW boxes.

I can't take that it seems to be be getting worse rather than better, despite my best effort.

I can't take that the daily tasks that MUST happen either happen and the boxes get ignored, or the daily tasks get ignored and boxes get opened. NEITHER ONE IS A GOOD OPTION.

I can't take the shrieking from my two year old.

I can't take that people require meals and clean underwear on a daily basis. The eating thing is constant.
I am terribly terribly tired of it all. I want to work on Christmas jammies and presents. I want to bake and educate my children and enjoy life again.

I know moving was a good move. I know it's a good thing, this new house. I am thankful. I'm just tired. And frustrated, And ignoring the dishes. Two sinkfuls.

Today I couldn't take the despair anymore. I quit unpacking boxes, I quit cleaning, I quit cooking. I laid on the floor in the basement while my children climbed all over me. Then I made peanut butter and jelly for dinner.
From November 2011
From November 2011
From November 2011
From November 2011

See? I'm okay.


The Nelsen Family: said...

Moving sucks! I'm glad you guys got a good place (seems like you guys move a lot though :) and hopefully you'll be able to finish up soon--good luck!

Jennifer said...

Awwww. Hugs to you. Take it easy... you need a spirit booster and if that means taking a break then you need to take it.

Wishing you a blessed weekend.

Tonya said...

Sometimes you just gotta have PB&J for dinner. Hang in there. I feel your pain!

Yasmine said...

Been there. (Not to the same extent, but my chaos threshhold is not very high.) Sometimes I think I could get so much done if I didn't have to feed my family.

Hang in there....the boxes will finally get emptied and then it'll be done! Yay!


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