Monday, November 28, 2011

Post-Thanksgiving FAIL

Well, I failed. I took not a single photo of our lovely family Thanksgiving that also included dear friends driving their tushies all the way from SEATTLE. FAIL.

We ate. We played. We got a Christmas tree, we went to see the lights at Temple Square. All perfect and beautiful.

And my camera remained buried in my purse.

I can't explain it. I just suck. Oh I guess that DOES explain it.

I did however manage to pull my head out and my camera out in order to capture our lovely Christmas decorating fiasco/great time. I do not wish my life away, but I can't help think it will be nice to decorate a Christmas tree without saying every two seconds, "WAIT! DON'T TOUCH!" as they grab at things fragile and delicate. Silly boys.

Our tree this year smells divine and delightful. It's got longish needles and basically looks like a picture perfect Christmas tree. Add our hodge-podge decor and it's a dream. Wanna see?

Of course you do.
From November 2011
From November 2011
From November 2011
From November 2011
From November 2011
From November 2011
From November 2011
See? Picture perfect. I love Christmas. We rounded out the evening with peppermint hot chocolate and pumpkin pie. I mean, seriously, if Ezra could find his pants, we'd be pretty much set. 

If you're interested in flashing back, here's 2010, just days before Ezra made his appearance

I began this here blog in December 2007 but apparently skipped the decorating part of that month. Crazy how these people grow... not to mention that we keep adding MORE to the mix. 

Merry Christmas friends, merry Christmas.


Jen said...

I totally forgot to get pics of Thanksgiving too! Love the last pic of your boys--too cute!

Chelsea said...

You can steal some of the photos I posted to Facebook. I bet Alice has some you could use for this here blog-thing if you ask really nicely. It wasn't a fail. We were busy making memories, and we were having TONS of fun at it. Truly a holiday never to be forgotten.

Tonya said...

Hee hee. Look at those little boy faces! Oh, how I remember the days of chaotic Christmas tree decorating with toddlers. The finished product looks fabulous!


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