Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Tears

Today we headed over to the NEW house instead of packing boxes at the old house because I am trying to be organized. My goal was to UNpack the kitchen that I PACKED yesterday.

Keep up people, I move at the speed of the puma.

So, I'm unpacking and napping babies and letting my children watch more TV in the past days than they have watched all summer.

From October 2011

So, anyway, I'm unpacking the kitchen, and I can't keep from smiling.

I have MORE room than I know what to do with.


Try to understand what I'm saying: I have too much cupboard space.

It practically brings tears to my eyes.

Yes, they are UGLY BROWN cupboards. But they are plentiful.

Yes, the rent is so high that I might have to donate plasma just to STOCK the cupboards.

But there are TONS OF THEM.

Also, please observe what happens when you ask your baby to take a nap in a strange place on the floor:

"Hey, who's that handsome dude over there?"

"I will now kiss that handsome dude straight on the mouth."
From October 2011
DO not be fooled. He only stayed that way for 20 minutes. Then cried all afternoon and my unpacking was DONE!


Anna said...

good luck with the move! I'm surprised your son will sleep on the floor and that he still likes to be swaddled, my kids hated being swaddled by like 4 months. I love the kissing himself in the mirror.

Amy and Richard said...

HORRAY cupboard space! Congrats. Good for you for being organized. We had the army move us, which was super nice, but not exactly organized. We've lived in our new place over a month and STILL not found the turning thing for inside the microwave. Why the heck did they even remove it?! Who knew how important that little gadget was?

Erica said...

Going from my last apartment to my current one had a similar kitchen space. I had cabinets! and counter space! In NY, that's nothing short of a miracle. Congrats on the great new kitchen!

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