Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Well Hello Internet!

Hi there.

Have I mentioned that moving is NOT my favorite? We got the internet today! WOOHOO! And I did not unpack a single box today. Nope. I made applesauce instead. It was of vital importance!

And we're not totally out of the other house yet either.

Oh awesomeness. All around!

The number of times I considered arson in the past few days... well, I won't say.

Here some photos for your viewing pleasure:

(You're welcome!)

Baby in a Box: A must when moving.
From October 2011

Every door had to come off the old house to get all our crap out!
From October 2011
Crap in the yard.
From October 2011
Boys riding bikes in the new driveway. People here drive by and SLOW down when they see my kids out in the grass or driveway. They are most likely judging me and my parenting for allowing them in the front, but I'm RIGHT THERE and I appreciate the slow driving nonetheless. 

So we're alive. I'm afraid tomorrow, I'll really have to unpack some boxes but for tonight, I'm going to bake and eat brownies while I wait for Derek to come home from his job... which is now only a few minutes away. Oh yes. that is OKAY BY ME! 

Over and Out.
From October 2011


Alice said...

I like babies in boxes. I like new neighborhoods. I like kids playing outside safely. I like brownies. I like a no box unpacking day. I like that you are now about 40 minutes from my door. I like reading your blog. Over and out!

Obaitori Spiritual Mothering said...

Wow, congrats! You've done very well to coordinate everything, four children, a husband, yourself and the internet. Enjoy all those lovely cupboards and having your man a bit closer. Rest now. Take care, Katie x


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