Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Post about Urine

From Drop Box
Look at my Spencer-man at the dentist yesterday! He loved every second. He grinned through the entire check-up. NO CAVITIES!

But that's not what today is about. 

Today is about those red crocs he is wearing. 

You see, one of his brothers decided today to whizzle outside. Now, normally, I encourage toilets only, but on occasion I can see a reason to use the nearest tree... really, I do. 

But, um, I do not abide whizzling on your brother's shoe. 

On purpose. 

In anger, I lashed out a bit. I said, "Spencer, go put your shoe in the bathtub, we'll clean it off. HENRY! We do not go potty on people's shoes! It's not funny. It's not okay. Perhaps, I should clean off Spencer's shoe with your toothbrush! Would you like that?" I demanded. 

He meekly said he would not. He agreed to only use the facilities, or the tree. And all was forgiven. 

Then a while later, Spencer needed his shoes to go walk to the playground. I said, "Let's go get your shoe clean, Spence."

He shook me off. "It's all done, Mommy. I cleaned it already!" 

"Good job, Bud! Did you use the soap in the tub?"

"Nope," he said proudly. "I used Henry's toothbrush!" 

"Um. Which one?" I asked. (Henry having also recently acquired a new one from the dentist.)

"Both of 'em." 

Henry did not get to brush his teeth tonight. 

Kinda serves him right, I say. 


Sara said...

I'm sorry but that is totally awesome! **dies off laughing**

Lori said...

I love your boys! They seriously crack me up ... =) In a perfect world, we would arrange some marriages between your boys and my girls ... and we would be family ... and all would be right with the world.

Clare said...

Love this! And I admit to making similar threats to Cami when she's being naughty to Adam.

Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh, funniest post ever! I am laughing so hard. Love it.

Cannwin said...

Ach! That is sooo something my kids would do! Why oh why can't they just think it through, just once!!! :)


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