Monday, September 5, 2011

Person of Walmart

From Drop Box
What is this picture you see? Ezra's feet, and then WAY down there are my feet.

At Walmart. 


I ripped my dang shoe (stupid cheap three year old flip flops) when we were near the Walmart today. Ridiculous. 

So. I walked my barefooted self (Henry referred to it as "naked feet" with great volume and glee) into that there store intent on purchasing the cheapest pair o' flip flops they carried. 

They carried none. So, none were in my price range. I mean, it's September for Pete's sake! Where were all the flip flops?

So, I found something slip-on-like and took the tags right off and put the shoes right on my feet. Henry and Spencer were straight up scandalized. I assured them I was going to pay for the shoes, but barefooted in Walmart. Ugh. And shudder. I didn't want to end up on that one website... you know. 

It was a joy. People did indeed stare. Three boys (one in PJs... Oliver is VERY into PJs lately) in the cart and one in the sling. And barefoot. 

Thank freaking goodness I wasn't pregnant as well. 

Could you imagine? 


Stacy said...

Awesome. Just awesome. Tom will always get the boys a chocolate milk at WalMart to help them not to freak out. Of course, they always end up spilling it all over themselves which makes them look like they belong on that site...

Tonya said...

Hilarious!! You and I should get together for coffee sometime because I can totally see the same thing happening to me! What's up with not having flip flops in September? It was almost 90 degrees here over the weekend - with global warming, Walmart should carry flip flops at least through October ;)

Yasmine said...

Oh the mental images! I love it. LOVE it!

Jen said...

you are a crack-up! And of course they don't have flip flops anymore--don't you see they have already moved on to Halloween?


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