Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meet David

This is David.

From September 2011
David is Spencer's birthday gift.

David came with costumes and accessories so as to match my Spencer David. Capes, masks, belts galore.

David is the result of more hours than I can count.

David is mostly met with indifference by my Spencer.


But Oliver has suddenly discovered David. He LOOOOVVVVEESSSS David.

He carries David places.


Guess who SUDDENLY discovered that he can't live without David because David is HIS for HIS birthday. NOT OLIVER'S?

Oh my Spencer.

I better get cracking on a "Willis" for Oliver Willis because David is a hot commodity around these parts.


But I mean, I'm glad they like him.

In other news, I've had five kids this week. No Wolverine doesn't make five. That's just Henry in one of MANY "disguises" from today.
From September 2011
No, he's mine too. That Spencer.
From September 2011

Oliver and David... nope

Wait, Ezra has a twin? A six week older, 14 pound heavier twin? NO! It's COUSIN LEVI!
From September 2011
Five is a lot. 

It's been FUN! 

But five is a lot. 

Just sayin'


Stacy said...

No, four is a lot. Five would make me cry.

Amber C said...

Wow! Glad that Levi could visit, but wow! I did 5 kids for 1 day and it was survivable, but hectic.
I love David! So, you should totally sell those!


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