Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Tuesday.

From Drop Box
Our Independence Day was fantastic, was yours?

Oliver found the noise to be a bit much, and kind of burned his hand on a sparkler, but everyone ELSE loved them. 

And could you please note the unending cuteness of a two-year-old in overalls, with a dirty face and skinned knees? I just kiss him all day long. ADORABLE!

Other than that, well, life is as life does. I was so very frazzled after a late night with Ezra (due to neighborly party-ing until the wee hours) and Spencer getting up ridiculously early (5:20) and just frustrated with Henry because he was being naughty and Oliver because he was bugging Spencer and by 8am, I was losing my freaking mind, so Derek sent me out the door for a run because, like I said, I was losing my freaking mind. 

So, I ran hard and fast, then just hard then slow then I meandered. Then it rained. And I got a bit lost, but eventually headed south toward home and managed to feel peaceful before reentering my life. 

Ah, exercise, how I hate to love you. 

And FINALLY, have you people seen PINTEREST


It is ridiculously fun. 

Are you on? If you are, leave me your name in the comments, and I will happily follow you. LOVE IT

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Stacy said...

I have to figure out how to work Pinterest. I can't possibly be that much of a technological idiot.


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