Thursday, June 30, 2011

You can Make Yogurt

Readers, I made yogurt.
From June 2011
Once upon a time, it wouldn't have really occurred to me that one could make yogurt.

Then, I had a baby with extreme lactose issues. This baby also LOVES all things dairy. Yogurt and cheese being HIGH on the list. And you can not buy in a store of any kind, lactose-free yogurt.

A conundrum. Specifically because, the EW factor in diaper-changing when one's child is lactose-intolerant and insists on eating things that are lactose-y is high.

Very high indeed.

So, I googled it up real nice, and not only can one make one's own yogurt, one can make one's own lactose-free (almost) yogurt in one's own crock pot.

These things, they astound me.

So, I bought some lactose-free milk (as I am wont to do) and some plain yogurt (For a starter) and one day later, I had *almost* lactose-free yogurt. The starter had lactose in it, but I'll use my OWN yogurt as starter from here on out and in a few weeks time, I'll have made completely lactose-free yogurt.

One must add some form of sweetener to said yogurt.
From June 2011

But it is MOST delicious. Oh so very good.
From June 2011
Two thumbs up from Lactose-boy! Three bowls downed in one sitting.
From June 2011
These two yay-whos love it too, although they don't look thrilled here. Don't you think Spencer looks awfully grown up here?

Even Ezra approves.
From June 2011
See? Ezra's chunk-a-li-cious thigh agrees. (I must refrain from chewing on that thigh, SO chunky. SO delicous!)

Derek too, voiced his approval, and to say he was a skeptic would not be using strong enough language. Eye-rolling was involved when I declared my intentions to lactose-free-yogurt-make.


So, when it's 6 for 6, for the win, I think I shall make my crock-pot-yogurt-making a thing around here. 

Let's hear it for *almost* lactose-free yogurt! YAY! LIVE AND ACTIVE CULTURES!



Clare said...

I tried making yogurt a couple years ago. I can't remember how it turned out, but I should try it again.

Morgan -Ing said...

Clare- Really this was SO easy, just set a timer, turn off the crock pot, set the timer, stir in some starter, come back the next day = yogurt. SO easy!

Alisa said...

I'm sooo all about this. I've had friends do the ovenjar route, which is delicious (but with gas stoves down here I didn't want to do that! But I will soooo try this!

Will soymilk work with a real yogurt starter?

BloggingBills said...

When you were little I made yogurt all the time. In a bowl, in the bathroom in Germany, on top of the steam heater. It was yummy, in spite of its 'home'.

Jen said...

Interesting! Not that Ethan is much of a yogurt eater (unless it comes in a go-gurt tube)--but it doesn't bother him like milk and ice cream do.


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