Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Picnic Blanket

From June 2011
See my new pride and joy?

Yes, the baby is ADORABLE, but I'm referring to that which he is sitting upon.

It's a PICNIC BLANKET. A quilt, for starters. 
From June 2011
 Big enough for even myself to stretch out on.
From June 2011
With fancy elastic loops for easy rolling and carrying. 
From June 2011
And instead of a a soft, cozy bottom, it has a nice water-proof vinyl bottom. Perfect for wet grounds and beaches and dirty public picnic tables and really anywhere you possibly want to eat out-of-doors. Wipe clean? Yes please. Protection from dirt of all kinds? Sign me up!
From June 2011
Perfect place to plunk a baby? Well, then I'm sold.

From June 2011
Wait! One more!
From June 2011
I mean, ridiculous right? Anyway, the picnic blanket was on my mind all winter while I waited for the weather to warm up. Now it has. And I have big plans for this little quilt/table cloth. SO excited.


1 comment:

Jen said...

way to go Miss Crafty Lady! And here I've been looking to buy myself that type of picnic blanket!


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