Monday, May 30, 2011

No Paternity Test Required

Related much?

That picture was taken outside at the wedding we attended this weekend. SO fun, SO busy!

Aren't they cute? We all grew up together long ago in Wisconsin. The groom is my sister's husband's brother and the beautiful bride is a good friend from the Northwoods. CUTE! I love weddings. I love remembering my own crazy day so many years ago. :) It was a ball.

Then Saturday the big boys and Derek went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 with their cute cousins. They had a blast. I stayed home with the babies because Oliver doesn't believe in watching movies. I mean, it's offensive really. But not as offensive as THIS:

Happy Memorial Day. This is the scene we woke up this morning. Snow. Last year is snowed late in May, but is even later. So special. Or something. Henry is hacking up a lung so we're just staying home and trying to not freeze to death.

But seriously, aren't you relieved to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, with every fiber of your being that Derek is indeed my baby daddy? I mean, right?
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The Nelsen Family: said...

Snow? That's just not was 95 here yesterday (which is also just not right, but it's better than snow).

Alisa said...

snow is definitely an insult. We are 90 degrees inside our house each day (it's cooler outside) and DYING!! Rainy season should be here, soon...
But what's up with Utah?!

Alice said...

I read the first sentence of this post and assumed you were pregnant. How funny is that? Paternity tests in my mind equate to a current pregnancy! Silly. I cannot believe it snowed(and I totally just mistyped that snoted). It is summer. Hopefully the world will get that message soon. Cheers!

Morgan -Ing said...

Kara- 95 is pretty bad too, especially for you, pregnant and all.

Alisa- At least it melted here... sounds like it's WAY too hot.

Alice-Don't make me smack you, okay? ;)

Amber C said...

Snow, ew! I remember when we left Rexburg in the middle of June it snowed inches the day after. So glad it is you and not me. Poor Henry, I hope he gets better! Sick kids are no fun.
I'm glad to see you have the same problem I do. Granted people always think my kids look like me....then they meet Dave and realize whose genes are dominant. It's fun to have look alike dad and kid, makes for fun dressing up moments.
We love you guys!


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