Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Day That Won't End

From May 2011
My poor sick baby! He's got his first cold, Ezra does, and this results in making my life, erm, I mean HIS life miserable. No lie you guys, last night, well, I suppose it was this morning, we were both up watching "Friends" on DVD from 3-5 am. Not my favorite, but at least "Friends" is funny. And now, here we are at 9:14pm and he waffles from happy and playful to coughing like a chain smoker, to crying because darn it all he's tired. But he is fighting it, and nursing and making me NUTS!

Oh but I love him.
From May 2011

Today during a fussy, sick moment, I sat down at the piano with him and banged out a tuneless minuet. He seemed to enjoy that. Until he cried.
From May 2011

He's just sad.

And you guys, could you send some prayers to my house? Not just for the sick baby, but general happy "good" prayer-thoughts? We need them.

Dontcha love it when bloggers are VAGUE and don't give you any details?

Sorry about that.

In other news tonight I told the kids we could paint only to discover our paint brushes had gone missing. No matter.
From May 2011
Pipe cleaners sufficed just fine. 

Commence praying. 


Stacy said...

I love you. And am thinking about you. And praying. Lots of praying. And I still have oreos. I put some in the freezer for you.

Morgan -Ing said...

Thanks Stacy! I love you too, and definitely praying for you guys too!

The Nelsen Family: said...

Having a sick baby is awful!! Hope he's recovered (or on his way to recovery).


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