Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A possibly inappropriate post

***Disclaimer*** I have no idea why poop and other such inappropriate fodder has made it's way onto my little corner of the interwebs with such frequency of late, but hey, it's my life. 

Our kids have learned "proper terminology" for all things "body related." We have our reasons for teaching them the words as they are,  and I won't bore you with the details.

Suffice it to say, my kids call it like it is.

So, the other morning, I left a diapered, unclothed little Ezra on my bed to run save Oliver from some sort of life-threatening situation (as nearly two-year-olds tend to find themselves in) and when I returned, Spencer had wandered it. Ezra was giggling with as much force as an almost-four-month-old could. Spencer, too was enjoying a hearty chuckle.

"What's up, Dude?" I asked Spencer.

Spencer looked perfectly angelic when he said, "I'm tickling Ezra!"

"Oh yeah?" I queried. Great, gently playing with the baby is ALWAYS encouraged.

"Yeah," answered Spencer. "I'm pinching his breast-es like this..." and then proceed to pinch little Ezra's baby man boob.

And Ezra LOVED it.

I simply requested that Spencer not pinch.

Breast-es don't like to be pinched.


McEuens said...

Hahahahahaha! That is AWESOME! (And we use the real words too.)

Alice said...

I love your boys and how they know all the proper terms. I really wish more parents would be like you and Derek and would actually teach them these things in the home, so when they are fifteen years old they don't have to use terms like wee wee or hoo ha, in order to ask questions in Health Class. Yesterday, I had to try to explain to a kid what a clitoris was. It was awkward! There definitely should be a team effort on both the home front and the school front to teach about these things. Thanks for being a great parent! :)

Amber C said...

Gosh, I love you and your kids. Your husband is okay too, but your kids crack me up!
We've used the real words for the kids' anatomy. When Devin was potty training and wearing underwear, if I held him wrong he'd say "Mommy you're hurting my pee-nus!" quite loud. We taught him to be a bit more quiet when discussing his anatomy. School has taught him to use the more vague and unoffensive terminology in public.

Morgan -Ing said...

Maren- and I hope your potty training is successful!!

Alice- AWKWARD! So sorry!

Amber- Except I totally think that most of the slang is WAY more offensive than just saying "penis."

J.B. said...

Wow, this makes me feel way less weird about the fact that my kissing Bean in her armpit makes her laugh up a storm.

Chelsea said...

After a sort of unpleasant trip to a mall to find a stinking rain coat, this totally made me belly laugh. Just what I needed. :)

Also, the proper words are the way to go.

Lori said...

This is hilarous!!!

p.s. Three cheers for proper terminology.

Stacy said...

Just for the record, I thought this post was going in an entirely different direction! We're a proper names family too. And I'm glad that Ezra didn't pee on his brother. Awfully nice of him.

Morgan -Ing said...

JB- Yeah, that's totally normal. :)

Chels- Glad I could cheery-uppy.

Lori- Will we be seeing you in Vegas???

Stacy- I do wonder WHERE you thought I was going... :)

Anonymous said...

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