Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Day, Lovers!

Hi! Happy Valentine's Day. Bit of a silly holiday isn't it? But hey, any excuse to buy a Hallmark, am I right?

HAH! This year I decided to "celebrate" with the kids. Literally, I have never done that with my children. They were too little to get it, ya know? But not this year!

So, I stayed up until the very late hour of 11pm (SO LATE FOR THIS TIRED MAMA!) and made valentines and swirly crayons. (SO fun, just melt bits of crayon and viola! Okay, it was kind of a pain because I decided they needed to be heart-shaped. So, that involved some cookie-cutter-ing and redoing, blah blah blah.)
From Feb 2011
Me, party-planning LATE last night. 
From Feb 2011
The set up. 

This morning was heart-shaped biscuits with frosting. And cookies that were also heart-shaped. So basically it was a sugar-extravaganza.
From Feb 2011
Biscuit. The big boys ate 'em up. Oliver declared them "yucky."

I love little kids. They are so excited to PARTY!!! so, throw some home-made goodies at them and presto, a party!!!!
From Feb 2011
From Feb 2011

But really, I can't pass up an opportunity to tell my little family how much I love and adore them, so I embraced the day. Derek even got a Valentine. I'm nice like that.
From Feb 2011

Nine years ago today, we went on our first day. He was my FIRST Valentine's date ever! (I was 18!) And he's my last and only too. I love that.

So, tell the ones you love that you love them today. And everyday. It's a nice thing to do.



Stacy said...

You are such a good mom. I don't even own a heart-shaped cookie cutter. And I've never once made a batch of sugar cookies that actually turned out edible. Hope your day is fun. (Ezra is so cute btw! All your boys are cute, but I like watching Ezra because he and Ian are so close in age.)

Morgan -Ing said...

Not really Stacy, I just have about 100 cookie cutters that my mom gave me. I have cookie cutters for EVERY day of the year! I swear. And I agree about the baby boys. :)

BloggingBills said...

Sounds like a fun day. Did you do giant cookies sent from my phone so be impressed ma


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