Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Squirrel in the Dryer

Today, a load of laundry took 6 hours to dry. I am SO not kidding.

RIDICULOUS. I need to do 2-3 loads a DAY to stay up on things people. A DAY! So when my first and only load dries and dries and dries and never really gets dry, it's time to investigate.

Ultimately, with Derek (and Helper Henry) going under the deck, we concluded that a squirrel had moved in and clogged everything up. It was the only logical conclusion. The lint trap was clean, the tubes were all unclogged, etc. Squirrel was the ONLY thing left.

So, my brave, intrepid husband took the back off the dryer and started looking for Squeaky the Squirrel.

To our surprise, we found NO squirrels.

I know, right?

Sadder still, is the fact that we were downright surprised that there was NOT a squirrel in our dryer. Why else was everything SO FREAKING WET still?

Have I mentioned that our house is old and therefore creaky and like, NOTHING works right, EVER?

Anyway, no squirrel.


Spencer wanted to keep him as a pet.

It turned out to be nothing but a wicked bad lint-trap design (seriously, RIDICULOUS) combined with old ducting equaled insane amounts of lint-cloggage.

And now the cloth diapers are drying, and if, after 70 minutes they are not dry, I'm buying a new dryer. Tomorrow. I will go someplace and plunk down some money and make them give me a new dryer. Someplace where they haul away the old one. Yes, this is a good plan.


I am not joking.


Amber C said...

I had the same problem. We ended up replacing the fuses that go by the heat element. I was told to replace both, but since Dave only figured it was one; we replaced that one 3 times before he believed me that both needed to be replaced so we'd stop blowing them. If that didn't work, I was going to replace the heating element. Point of telling you all this: a $20 fix would be better than a $400 dryer.

Morgan -Ing said...

Thanks Amber. Ours definitely seems to be directly related to the DESIGN of the dryer. It's so dumb they only made this particular model for a year. Right now, we're testing it with a load of towels. *Fingers crossed!*

Alice said...
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Alice said...

I am buying Spencer a squirrel for his next birthday. I just wanted you to know. I am sure he will let it live in the dryer hose. Spencer is cool like that. Always remember the grass is always greener. Some of us have to pile all the clothes in the car and DRIVE to the washer and dryer. It stinks but I deal with it okay! Hope the day is going well. Cheers, A

P.S. A typo totally made me delete this comment the first time. I mistakenly put "Hoe" instead of "Hope." Now it is completely out there anyway but I at least can say I knew better! :)


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