Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do I look tired?

From December 2010
We are crawling out from under the stomach flu. It was weird, Spencer yakked on Wednesday, then NOTHING, then two nights ago, Spencer started up AGAIN, then yesterday evening while getting Family Home Evening's cookie preparations squared away, Oliver looked at me, quite morosely, and then tossed HIS cookies. THEN at 11:00pm, Henry came running into our room to inform us he "threw up all over my bed!" By 12:30am between the two of them, I was out of 1. Blankets and 2. Pillows. They both "slept" atop towels, but neither of them slept worth a crap, so now they are both FINE and NOT VOMITING  (Henry just lost his lunch and was put BACK to bed),  and I am tired so so so tired. (At one point, Oliver and I were in the guest room, just staring at each other. Very weird night.)

And my hands are RAW from the desperate attempts to keep the stomach flu away from my 9-day-old-baby.


I've had better days/weeks. For sure.

Spencer is happy as a lark though. So, two outta four ain't bad. (I *almost* typed "two outta three" but that is WRONG!)

Look at this sweetie though:
From December 2010
(We have to double-wrap him to keep him warm enough! Our old house is drafty. BRRR.)

Wait! He's kind of awake in this one:
From December 2010

And see? We are having a Holly Jolly Christmas DESPITE my exhaustion and everyone's upchucking.

Derek oversaw Christmas cookie decorating whilst I held a yakking Oliver a safe distance away, and thank goodness Henry only touched the three cookies on his plate, cuz little did we know he'd be all gross so soon.
From December 2010

Good grief. (Did you read that in your best "Charlie Brown" voice?)

I would say, "In other news" and then segway into more interesting/happy/lightheartedness, but frankly, I got NOTHING!

I promise Christmas cheer shortly my friends. Really, I do.

Oh, and P.S. My house is growing lichen. NO LIE. The leak from oh, a month ago, is back with a vengeance, and it has caused the wall next to said leak to grow things that are not exactly mold. Healthy, eh?


Kara said...

Ah, Morgan! I'm so sorry. I was reading your post, and wished so badly you lived closer because I'd be off my butt making you dinner right now! I wish I was closer and could help more easily (not that I'm far I realize, but ya know what I mean I think). I'm glad the boys are feeling better. I hope everyone stays healthy for now for you!!

Jen said...

Oh, my! Don't you love the timing of sick kids right after having a new baby and just before the holidays!?! Hope everyone at your house is healthy and well soon! Take care! And little Ezra is a doll!

McEuens said...

Oh I am so, so, so sorry. I hate the stomach flu. I hope no one else succumbs.

BloggingBills said...

oh baby, i am so sorry. i hope it's all better soon.

love ya, ma

Alisa said...

Ezra is beauuuuuuuuutiful! Holy cow!

Hope everyone gets well soon!


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