Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crafting with Kids!

Yesterday we didn't go anywhere. Well, Derek did, but somebody has to bring home the bacon (and a 44 oz Diet Coke!). It was so cold outside, I had zero interest in loading up all those children of mine to go anywhere. Besides, I didn't have anywhere to go.

But half way through the day, I did decide I needed a new skirt. Really I did! I have a gift card to Joann's too... so of course I spent a solid five minutes trying to decide how bad the snow outside was, and was it worth the four kid circus to go? I decided it was not.

Instead I cut up some second hand bedsheets (I bought them for my bed for after Ezra was born in case anything got... messy... sorry, TMI! Alas, the elastic was shot so they wouldn't stay on the bed...) and turned them into a skirt.

It was bananas, by the way. Please picture: Ezra in the Moby, Spencer putting pins from one pin cushion to another, Henry "sewing" something, and Oliver crying because I won't let him do ANYTHING FUN! Me, inventing a skirt out of a HUGE bedsheet, with no pattern, and truly no idea what size I am anymore, and how long did it really need to be?
From December 2010

(Stupid fuzzy photo!)

But oddly, fun.

In the end, I'm not entirely certain that the skirt is wearable. It's sort of a funny yellow-ish/creamish color, and the hem... oh my word. The hem would make anyone who looks too closely at it cry. It's hideous. The hem is always last, you see, and by then, it was dinner time, I was trying to nurse Ez in the sling WHILE sewing, and well, at that point Oliver had migrated.

From December 2010

And he strongly felt the need to "help." Not my favorite. 

But the skirt fits in the waist. So, perhaps I use it as a PROTOTYPE and go to Joann's today... what do we think?? Yes? I mean, it's not snowing right this minute... Hmmm.....


Brian and Kelsey said...

So...about that pencil skirt I want...if I buy the stuff and come help control the children will you make it for me? And I am sad that you didn't put a picture of the skirt on your post.

BEK said...

Too funny! You always have so much help, but you were determined and a skirt was made. Way to go. At least you made it out of a bed sheet and not a tent. Now a tent skirt I would pay to see.

And I am curious,...where are the pictures of the skirt?


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