Monday, November 15, 2010

Turkey Tom

So, apparently, I have started a tradition around these parts. I didn't even know I had, but two years in a row is a tradition, right?

A year ago, we were in Vegas, loving life, but kinda hating Vegas, so we needed to be reminded of Thanksgiving and all the things we had been blessed with. (I say, "we" but I mostly mean "me.") So, one day while Derek was at work, the boys and I created Turkey Tom and talked about being "thankful." At 4 and 2, Henry and Spencer really REALLY didn't get it, but they thoroughly enjoyed helping me make Turkey Tom.

From Nov 2009
Oliver must have had a cold, and OH MY GOSH look how skinny he was. Darn reflux. Please also note the shorts and t-shirts in November. LOVE YOU Las Vegas!.

So, that was last year. The boys helped me make the tail feathers and Turkey Tom was born. 

Enter this year. 

The boys definitely seemed to understand gratitude a little bit better. We're working on it. And here is Turkey Tom in all his glory, same turkey, we just remade the tail feathers. That is the fun part.

Apparently, pants are ALWAYS optional for Mr. Oliver. 
From Nov 2010
From Nov 2010

Oh what a year it has been. Two moves, a new baby *almost* here, school, crazy things ensued all year long. And yet, as we were listing things to be thankful for, the list was very very long. Too long for my boys' attention span. It was wonderful. 

We are SO blessed. I know it. And that is gratitude is not lost. 

And by the way, explaining that for Thanksgiving, we EAT Turkey Tom was most unpleasant today. Henry was completely unimpressed. 


BloggingBills said...

I have a great book called "Turkey Trouble" where they end up eating pizza because the turkey is no where to be found on THE DAY. I'll try to remember to bring it so the boys can read it.

Alisa said...

Congrats on the new rental--and moving out! Wow--36 weeks, already? Time flies!'s always weird to think of adding another person to the family...but after it happens, it just seems that there wasn't any other way!!

Nikki said...

Lovely boys.
Nice pictures for the family album.


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