Monday, September 13, 2010

Pregnant... duh.

Okay, so here is the grand preggo pic, the one and only, more than likely. I'm the one in the orange. Erin, my cool sister gets to be done being pregnant SEVEN whole weeks before me, so she wins the size contest, but I win for quantity. (I mean total, not current.) We're both sporting baby boys and so they cousins were getting to know one another.

For comparison's sake, the above is me at 28 weeks. The below is me pregnant with Oliver at 27 weeks. I think I am not so huge.
From Jan 2009
Right? Who knows... maybe I was just FEELING huger then. Babies are weird. 
Anyway, there it is, my public pregnant debut. 

The End.


Amber C said...

And I absolutely love the debut! Erin looks so excited to be a Mommy! Congrats Erin! I'm sure she's ready for her little one to make an appearance in life. Congrats to you both. Such beautiful pregnant ladies!

TJDKG said...

you are tiny thats all i have to say! and i miss you bunches and bunches.

Erin said...

I cannot believe you posted that picture of I must plot my revenge.

Yasmine said...

Erin, you look good! (So do you, Morgy.) I think pregnant bellies are BEAUTIFUL. It's the only thing I like about being pregnant--the big round belly. (I also like the way people give up their seats and open doors for me too...)


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