Monday, September 20, 2010

And now... the REST of the story.

So, friends. After literally calling (Derek, not me, don't be silly) 20 stores, and driving to half that many, we found a crib tent. In a little place called Taylorsville. It was $75.

I didn't mind paying that much, until upon first "zip" it broke.

Oh my gosh.

It being broken didn't matter. Oliver has OCD about his bed, and his sleeping. See, if you change his sheets, he has a minor melt-down. If you change the angle his bed sits at, he cries for an hour. If you MOVE his bed, he won't sleep in it.

I SO SO SO wish I was exaggerating or kidding, but I am 100% in earnest. I kid you not.

So, imagine how he felt when we turned his bed into a cage. "Cute" and "tent" aside, he hated it. He cried, and cried.

But, see, it didn't matter because it was broken.

So Oliver slept in MY bed. With me.

Oh, we tried the pack n play. It did not go over any better than if we had moved his bed. See, he doesn't DO pack n plays.

So, he slept in MY bed. With me. Nuzzled up like a little baby koala bear.

ADORABLE, right?

NO! Not adorable. Because see, I had no place to put my arms (around him was unacceptable), so by, oh, midnight, they had gone numb. Because, see, the only ONLY place I could rest them was above my head. NUMB. I HAVE LOW BLOOD PRESSURE AND BAD CIRCULATION!

 And I couldn't move because he would cry. Dude, that kid needed to SLEEP.

So, for two nights I endured pins and needles and no sleep. All.night.long.

And then Derek fixed the tent, and moved his bed into a suitable and acceptable angle/location.

And as long as I did not ZIP him into the tent, he would lay down and go to sleep.

If he does not lay down and go to sleep, we MUST zip, because that's when he launches himself out. And that equals tears and sleeping with me.

Thus far, it's working. I sneak in a bit after I know he's asleep and zip him in.

And now, I am faced with sleep. Of course I CAN'T sleep because I'm pregnant and well, that is a whole 'nother post.

But, Derek is a hero, and I am friends with Oliver again.

Isn't that nice?

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TJDKG said...

Ugh on he numb arms. I HATE that.. Gracie can climb in our bed and it just be me and her and she will be right up against me and I wont be able to move. It is NOT fun, I feel for ya! I'm sorry the tent was broken, but yay that it may be working, now if only YOU could get some sleep that would be good. I better get to bed thought before Gracie winds up getting up climbing in our bed and cramping my space.


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