Friday, July 30, 2010


Oliver's favorite book these days (and by favorite, I mean, OBSESSED, and makes me read it 12 times a day!) is this silly Clifford's Christmas Lift-the-Flap Book. Yes, as in the big red dog.

Reading this book, and watching all the kids on Birdwell Island play in the snow makes me wish for cooler weather, and Christmas trees and cookies, and and and...


I have to remind myself that before we celebrate Yuletide, I have to have a baby.

"Holy Shiz" says I.

Then I am incredibly grateful that between here and singing Christmas carols, we have several (as in four out of our five) birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then a baby. And then we'll have Jesus' birthday.

It all starts on Tuesday, with Spencer-man's third birthday, and it'll be whirlwind from here to there.

Thank goodness there is 4.5 months between now and then.

I need the time to get it all done.

So, for now, I shall continue to read Clifford's Christmas and be grateful I have a wee bit of time before handling all THAT plus four kids.

Four. KIDS.

Holy Shiz. But I said that already.


Carolyn said...

Holy shiz is right! lol. It's going to be awesome!

Braden said...

LOL I love these little kid obsessions with a single book. In your case it's great because it helps you get ready for Christmas. How fun is that.

Stacy said...

Stumbled on your blog from MMB- sounds like our babies are due about the same time. My timeline goes like this: Oldest daughter's 9th bday, baby's 2nd bday, Thanksgiving, have a baby, then have Christmas. Hopefully Thanksgiving and have a baby don't happen on the same day!


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