Friday, June 25, 2010

Cutest baby ever?

From April 2010
Recently, a cute little teenager walked up to me and declared, "Your baby is the cutest baby I have ever seen."

And I said, "I know, right? Thank you!"

Now, look, everyone's kids are CUTE, your kids are CUTE. Seriously.

And I would not venture to ask you to find MY baby cuter than yours.

Which is why I love teenaged girls. They don't (typically) have their own babies. This allows them to find other people's children to be "the cutest they have ever seen."

There is a particular beautiful young woman who is a dear friend in our family, and she firmly believes that my children are what makes the world go 'round (but mostly just Oliver.)

It's nice to be appreciated. Especially due to my (and Derek's) incredible genetics.

I strongly suggest you find a nice sweet teenaged girl and befriend her. Not ONLY will she babysit (nay, DEMAND to be allowed to babysit) but she will cover your cute children with kisses and loves and declarations of "You are the CUTEST baby in the world!"

It is a real self-esteem builder, I tell you what.


Alice said...

So what...are thirty-three year old single girls with no kids chopped liver? JK. I do have to agree...that baby is pretty darn cute. Thanks for continuing to make babies just for my pure enjoyment. You are awesome.

Anna said...

When I had Mikelle, we lived in a married student ward, anyway this girl comes up to me and says "so and so (okay she didn't really call the other girl "so and so") and I think that your baby is hands down the cutest baby in the ward" you're right it is nice having other people agree with you. =)

Amber C said...

Morgs I agree! I have one of those teenagers! She's Devin's "girlfriend." She rocks! Not only does she adore my kids, she's a great sitter, AND she drives herself to my house for sitting jobs instead of me picking her up. LOVE IT! Highly recommend the fun teenagers!

P.S. Thank you for complimenting our genetics. We make cute babies in our family.

Anonymous said...



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